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Rabu, 31 Maret 2010


Toward the end of this March I will try to return to the original purpose of making this blog that earns a simple way (in this case is free and easy workmanship).
A way to achieve that is by way of participating in a program that has become a tradition. Perhaps friends who visit rajib know that the blog or this site are always discussing about the world of online business like paid to click (PTC), pay per click (PPC), and others. For that, I will discuss about a new ptc I follow 2 days ago. I discussed this PTC because I think very good.

Things that become judgment follow this ptc among others:
1. The number of ads that quite a lot about 15 ads per day for standard members, and create more advertising anymore premium member.
2. Values of ad clicks for standard members $ 0.01 and $ 0.02 for premium member.
3. Payment via paypal and alertpay.
4. The balance for the payment request for $ 2

According to my calculations, if there are 15 ads a day then we can do request payment within 14 days without having had a referral. What about your friends can get referrals in large numbers? Do not be your friends can make payment requests in a day? So what are you waiting for friends who want to earn money in a way that's how simple this ptc business. Want to join immediately, please just click gagabux scam.
For now I can not give evidence because it had never paid a payout, but from the few bloggers who participated in the ptc have already paid. So it was not yet a ptc ptc scam that it is safe to follow.

Come join wits us immediately by clicking on gagabux scam and get dollars from the internet.

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