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Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010


Today I will write about PTC that I have wanted to follow since the beginning of the year but since there is little problem with the list of countries allowed to participate then I am forced to desire it. Now it's not a problem because the country had now dibanned can participate in this PTC. Why do I really want to follow this PTC? What are the advantages of the PTC is that I really look forward to a decision from the owner??
Are you curious? JOIN it here with me.
I will explain some of the reasoning behind me to participate in this PTC include
1. PTC can provide substantial income per day if we join in it could be from paid to click and Daily Clicks
2. Could obtain an award of $ 0.01 if we are active in PTC
3. Could earn more if joined in the program paid to signup
4. Earnings will increase if you participate in a survey that is in the program (only for certain countries)
5. Status referrals get depth of 4 levels by 20%, 5%, 2%, and 1%
6. Payment can use paypal and also use the check if you do not have a paypal account to be sent to your address. So you have to fill your home address if you want to complete the payment via check.
7. The minimum payment is $ 5 for paypal and $ 10 for shipping via check.

Want to join?? Just click the JOIN if you are interested to join ...

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Mursalin on 14 Februari 2010 05.26 mengatakan...

I agree .. this site is the best GPT site for international members xD

Good luck friend, happy earning

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