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Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

New PTC Paying Proven

Today I will give a little information about the PTC is pretty good for you. PTC has been paid me 2 times and was an instant payment of less than 24 hours. Demand is also very small Payment Order of $ 0.02, it PO small amounts but it needs to go in our calculations because it proved PTC pay. I just joined this PTC 2 days ago but I've got as much PO 2 times. So the fact I get paid every day, not bad for adding our paypal balance. Want a list? Just click here.

So all come back to you if want to join this PTC program but proved to pay or join TCM large kliknya value but not necessarily pay?
Sooner you join before too late.

NB :
We are sorry this site link removed because it has proven to be a scam ptc

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