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Jumat, 13 November 2009


Today I will give information on PTC recently I follow. I join the PTC for one of several factors instant payment. Besides the PTC has a total value of clicks that are not so large that the possibility for small scam. Want to come be a member?

Want to join? Just click here

I feel confident that this is a PTC reliable because when I look in the forum, especially in posting the payment proof ptc admin of the last pay its members today. That's what caused me to feel confident that PTC is a trusted external PTC.
You wonder what the benefits of this PTC? Yes of course I will provide some benefits if you come JOIN in this PTC include:
1. Payments made via paypal or alertpay
2. Payment request can be made if the balance reaches a minimum of $ 2
3. Values of ad clicks for standard members and $ 0.01 for 0.005 of clicks to referer
4. Instant payment request

NB : We are sorry this site link removed because it has proven to be a scam ptc

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