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Selasa, 29 September 2009

Making money from Business Online (PTC) trusted

Hello my friends all,........

now I will give good enough information for all my friends. Why do I say so? Because I have a witness that is proven PTC pays its members. Curious as PTC what I mean above?
PTC has Marshbux name.

The advantages of this PTC namely:
1. The number of ads that are relatively large around 6 ads per day for standard members and 25 ads for premium member.
2. Earn $0.01 per click (standard) member
Earn $0.0050 perclik (standard) member
3. Earn $0.0125 per click (premium) member
Earn $0.0075 perclik (premium) member
4. Earn $0.0155 per click (premium silver) member
Earn $0.0085 perclik (premium silver) member
5. Earn $0.0200 per click (premium gold) member
Earn $0.0090 perclik (premium gold) member
6. Payment via paypal and alertpay.
7. There are no exceptions that the state should follow this ptc, all countries could follow.

Want a list?
Just click HERE

So do not be afraid to invest in this PTC since been proven to pay even including new PTC online business.
Not to believe is not it?

Just click HERE to see proof of payment made.

NB : We are sorry this site link removed because of problems with payment. Link will return if I put this site have completed the payment

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